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Adjunct Focused Teaching Venture Receives State Approval:Instructors Keep 80% of Income

The company Oplerno (Open Learning Organization) has received approval from the Vermont Board of Education to offer online courses that can qualify for college credit.  What is unique about the… Read more »

Adjuncts Turn to Citywide Unionizing as their Best Hope

  Power in Numbers Adjuncts turn to citywide unionizing as their best hope By Peter Schmidt Boston It’s the lull between Northeastern University’s afternoon and evening classes, and adjunct instructors… Read more »

Online Education in MD…..register with the Maryland Higher Education Commission

Stand Up and Be Counted   April 16, 2014   By Carl Straumsheim   The Maryland Higher Education Commission is cracking down on institutions that provide distance education to students… Read more »

Pope: During Holy Week, ask which Gospel character you resemble

By Cindy WoodenCatholic News Service VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Preceded by young people and clergy waving tall palm branches, Pope Francis began his Holy Week liturgies by encouraging people to… Read more »

Pope Francis Apologizes for Priests Sex Abuse Scandal, Promises Tough Measures

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — “I feel called to take responsibility for all the evil some priests — large in number, but not in proportion to the total — have committed… Read more »

George Weigel on the Meeting Between the Pope & POTUS

The article by Weigel is well worth a full read.  What follows is an excerpt from the first page. After two months of sometimes-fevered speculation about what-they-would-discuss, the March 27… Read more »

Pope Francis’ Interview With Belgium Youth

Vatican City, Apr 7, 2014 / 04:29 am (CNA).- Pope Francis recently gave an interview to some youth from Flanders, Belgium, accompanied by the Bishop of Ghent, Lucas Van Looy…. Read more »

LeMoyne College makes History: First Ever Female President at Jesuit University

From America Magazine:  As widely expected, LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY became the first Jesuit college or university to appoint a lay woman as president, announcing tonight that Dr. Linda M. LeMura,… Read more »

Pope Meets with Queen Elizabeth: Receives Whiskey and Honey

The following excerpt is from the U.K. Daily Mail: What does the woman who has everything give the man who, famously, wants nothing at all? Answer: A dozen eggs, a… Read more »

Female Faculty Send Protest Letter to U. of Southern Maine President Over Job Cuts

The following excerpt is from the AAUP’s Academe Blog: Dear President Theodora Kalikow: We write to request that you rescind the cuts you have made to the fulltime faculty in… Read more »

Pope Asks Curia to Implement Evangelii Gaudium

Pope Francis called together the heads of all Vatican offices to discuss how they could integrate into their work the teaching of his apostolic exhortation, “Evangelii Gaudium” (“The Joy of… Read more »

Statistics on College Degree Holders with Minimum Wage Jobs

The numbers are getting a little better, but the really interesting question is why?  The number of college degree holders working minimum wage jobs has declined, and this is good… Read more »

Religious Identity, Shared Governance, & Unionization: What to do?

CHEA has covered the issue of religious identity, shared governance, and unionization in the past.  Recently, the National Labor Relations Board has accepted briefs from schools concerning the unionization of… Read more »

More College Layoffs in the News: Trend Picks up Steam

So we exited the recession when?  Oh, that’s right … 2009.  In the past three weeks colleges and universities have initiated layoffs and it is beginning to look like a… Read more »

President Obama Meets with Pope Francis at Vatican

The following excerpt is from ABC News: On his first official visit, which began at 10:27 a.m. in Rome, the president and the pope met for about 50 minutes —… Read more »

Hobby Lobby Case Over Contraception Mandate at Supreme Court Today

Hadley Arkes at The Catholic Thing takes another look at the Hobby Lobby case and the contraception mandate that is part of Obamacare.   [...]today is the day that the… Read more »

God’s Not Dead Movie Garnering Some Attention

The premise of this film concerns not just God’s existence but an important question of pedagogy.  The professor in the film somehow construes academic fairness as forcing a student to… Read more »

Big Fight Over Job Cuts at University of Maine: Emotions Run High

This story from Inside Higher Ed covers cuts to faculty and staff that seem very prevalent this spring in higher education. No surprise that the humanities are being hit hard…. Read more »

50% of Journal Articles are Never Read; 90% Only Read by Journal Editor & Peer Reviewers

If you believe you need to justify your job in an era of increased belt tightening at universities, factoids like those referenced in the title of this piece are going… Read more »

Uncritical Thinking & Buying the Meme: Faculty Salary Increases

The Chronicle is running a story that compares the salary increases of tenured and tenure track faculty at private vs. public universities.  All well and good; however, the same article… Read more »

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