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Bishops Plan New Working Committee on Ex Corde Ecclesiae

From Catholic Education Daily: The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Committee on Catholic Education is in the process of identifying and inviting Catholic college presidents and bishops to… Read more »

Marquette Alumnus Slain Journalist James Foley On Praying the Rosary

From Catholic World Report by Catherine Harmon: The news broke late yesterday that Islamic State jihadists executed freelance journalist James Foley and posted a video of his beheading. Foley, 40, had been… Read more »

Chronicle Publishes 2014-2015 Almanac on State of Higher Ed

The Chronicle of Higher Education published its annual almanac on the state of higher education.  The almanac covers faculty and administration salaries, tuition rates, spending and diversity.  See Chronicle.

Vatican U.N. Envoy say Military Intervention in Iraq Justified

From Vatican Radio: The Vatican’s representative at UN headquarters in Geneva has said that “military action in this moment is probably necessary” to curb the slaughter of Christians in Iraq…. Read more »

Sleight-of-Hand: NCAA Acts to Preempt Court Decision in O’ Bannon Case

From CNBC: A 16-2 decision by the NCAA on Aug. 7 could change the way collegiate sports operate, creating a two-tier economy with the five most powerful Division I conferences… Read more »

New Book On the Decline of Shared Governance

Strong shared governance hasn’t always been a defining feature of the American higher education system – powerful external governing boards and presidents differentiated American colleges from the European university early… Read more »

College Grads Wages Rise at Slower Rate

SAN FRANCISCO, July 21 (Reuters) – New college graduates have seen their wages rise more slowly than the rest of the U.S. workforce since the Great Recession, new research from… Read more »

Ivy League Prof Explains Why Not to Send Your Kids to an Ivy League School

Great article about why not to send your kid to an Ivy League school.  The question is whether the elite Catholic schools are any different. In the spring of 2008,… Read more »

Chronicle Posts List of Great Colleges to Work for

The Chronicle published its annual list of great schools to work for.  It’s nice to see that some Catholic universities and colleges made the list.  Check out the complete list… Read more »

College Granted Temporary Relief from HHS Mandate

Court grants college temporary relief from HHS mandate Posted on July 4, 2014 by Julie Asher The U.S. Supreme Court late Thursday afternoon issued an unsigned opinion granting Christian-run Wheaton College in Illinois temporary relief… Read more »

Student Retention Rate Falls

 From Inside Higher Ed by Paul Fain: The portion of first-time U.S. students who return to college for a second year has dropped 1.2 percentage points since 2009, according to… Read more »

A Joke To Prove The Disparity Between Admin and Faculty Pay Scores Big

From Slate: The current president and vice-chancellor of the University of Alberta, Indira Samarasekera, is leaving next summer.* This means that her job, which pays at least 400,000 Canadian dollars (about $368,500), is… Read more »

Humanities Doctorates Provide Little Return: A Look at the Numbers

… [T]he Modern Language Association (MLA)reports, doctoral programs in the discipline may prove more damaging than previously envisioned. With a median time-to-degree of nine years, sparse job market, and limited… Read more »

Shrinking Revenue & Rising Discounts: Private Colleges Feeling the Squeeze

From Scott Carlson at the Chronicle: By now, the picture painted in a new survey of tuition discounting, net-tuition revenue, and other enrollment trends should be drearily familiar to many… Read more »

Smackdown: Nice Rejoinder to Penn Prof Who Thinks Religious Schools Undermine Higher Ed

The following excerpts are from a First Things essay by Joseph Knippenberg: Of all the bones to pick with contemporary American higher education—and there are many—the University of Pennsylvania’s Peter Conn has… Read more »

Book Publishing: The New Luxury

Did you ever think — after all your work — that what you were producing was a luxury? Probably not. All you really want is for the best publisher, whatever… Read more »

Here’s Why There is No Hiring & Universities Are Trapped

No one talks about this in academe and we can’t believe CHEA is the only entity to see things for what they are.  Here’s the skinny.  The Federal Reserve has… Read more »

College Sports & Easy Money: End of an Era on the Horizon

The following excerpt is from the Chronicle.  College sports played at the level where schools receive broadcasting revenue is organizationally no different than professional sports and any argument to the… Read more »

Cool Story in N.Y. Times: Two Michigan Towns Where Vocations Skyrocket

Aside for the mole grazing his right eyebrow, it is difficult to distinguish Gary Koenigsknecht from his identical twin, Todd, four minutes the elder. Growing up, the twins, now 26,… Read more »

Pope Francis Attacks Corruption

From Vatican Radio: When we embark on the path of corruption, the Pope said, we lose our humanity and sell ourselves, just as the prophet Elijah tells Ahab, “I have… Read more »

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